Air Filtration with HealthWay Experience Safe, Clean Air with Every Breath You Take

Do You Know What You’re Breathing?

Austin Water Solutions is proud to bring you even more ways to live healthy with HealthWay’s disinfecting filtration systems. With these top of the line filtration systems you can experience clean, safe air with every breath you take.

When you eat and drink, you get to choose what you put into your body. When you breathe, you inhale anything that’s in the air, regardless of whether it’s something you’d want in your body or not.

In general, people spend a lot of time indoors. On any given day we might spend hours inside at home or the office. According to the EPA, indoor pollution is considered one of the top five risks to health.

The Risks of Indoor Air

Why is indoor air such a risk? Check out some of these pollutants commonly found in indoor air:

3D model of dust mites


Fecal particles and other waste from dust mites, which produce thousands of these particles over their life spans.

3D model of a virus


Airborne bacteria, mold, and even viruses. These microorganisms can trigger allergies or even cause infections.


Volatile organic compounds emitted as gases that can cause health struggles, some temporary and some long-term.

Effects on Health

Because these pollutants are invisible, they are often perceived as not being a threat. Unfortunately, even if they can’t be seen they’re still there, and these pollutants can pose serious health risks, like these:

Mild Symptoms

Some mild symptoms include Irritated eyes, nose, and throat, Asthma symptoms, flu-like symptoms, sneezing, or fatigue.

Severe Symptoms

More severe symptoms include headaches, nausea, mucus-filled sinuses and lungs, and even lung cancer.
HealthWay's Deluxe Purification System

Imagine Breathing Without the Coughing and Sneezing

No one wants to experience health issues as a result of simply spending time in their own home. Air filtration is an easy way to dispel your worries along with the pollutants in your indoor air.

HealthWay takes air purification even further with disinfecting filtration systems. This technology eradicates 99.99% of pollutants in indoor air, removing everything from common dust mite waste to dangerous viruses.

Not every home or office’s air filtration needs are made equal, which is why HealthWay provides three innovative solutions to clean air:

HealthWay's Compact Air Purirfier

HealthWay Compact DFS Air Purifier

Made for homes or small offices, the HealthWay Compact protects up to 500 square feet, using as little as 11 watts to remove 99.99% of contaminants from air. The design is slim and compact, the device is easy to maintain, and leaves fresh, clean smelling air free of pollutants.

HealthWay Super V Whole-House Air Cleaner

HealthWay Super V Whole-House Air Cleaner

As its name suggests, the Super V Whole-House Air Cleaner is specially designed to bring clean air to your entire home. Installed at point of entry, this system utilizes HealthWay’s revolutionary Disinfecting Filtration System to remove up to 99.99% of particulate matter from the air your family breathes.

HealthWay's Deluxe Purification System

HealthWay Deluxe Professional 9-Stage DFS Air Purification System

This medical grade system is the perfect solution for businesses, government buildings, and medical facilities. A single unit protects up to 1000 square feet and on low blower speed uses as little as 14 watts to run. This system utilizes an ultra efficient EC motor and captures 40x smaller ultrafine particles than HEPA filters making it the most efficient air purifier available.

Why Use the World’s Most Powerful Air Purification System?

HealthWay’s patented Disinfecting Filtration System used in HealthWay air purifiers is unique in its thorough cleaning technology. Below are just a few examples of why homes and businesses in Austin are turning to HealthWay:

Ease of Use

Units are easy to operate and rarely require any maintenance. Once one is installed in your home or business, you won’t have anything to worry about besides enjoying your new, clean air.


Units are individually tested and are verified for efficient performance rivalling that of HEPA filters. HEPA filters are only effective against particles 0.3 micron and above. In contrast, DFS systems remove even ultrafine particles, down to 0.007 micron.


HealthWay’s air purification systems have a virus capture rate of 99-100%, making these filters invaluable for protecting family homes and even medical facilities from harmful particles that other filters don’t catch.


360 degree air entry design allows placement anywhere in a room while ensuring all air is treated. The dual air intake blower ensures quiet operation so your home or office isn’t disrupted by any intrusive sounds.

Why Use Austin Water Solutions?

close up of HealthWay's Deluxe Purification System

Our Commitment

At Austin Water Solutions, it’s our goal to ensure you can protect the people you care about, whether in your home or business, with the most efficient water and air resources available. Since we’ve been able to help so many Texans get cleaner drinking water with our Pentair whole-home water filtration systems, we decided to help bring cleaner air to Austin and the surrounding areas, too.

HealthWay’s powerful disinfecting filtration systems are the best way to do just that. With patented filtration technology that provides cleaner air than a HEPA filter, these systems are perfect for keeping your home or office air fresh and clean.

Our Service

When you get a HealthWay air filtration system installed through Austin Water Solutions, you’re not only getting the most efficient air purifier out there, you’re also getting:

Expert Installation

Responsive Maintenance

Unmatched Customer Service

Interactions with a Company You Can Trust

Don’t keep suffering from irritating allergens in your own home or stale air in your office. Give Austin Water Solutions a call today to discuss the best filtration options for your air so you can start breathing easy again.

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