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    Save Money & Transform Your Home with Austin Water Solutions Experience the Benefits of Pure, Luxurious Water and Say Goodbye to Hard Water Hassles

    Upgrade your home’s water quality today with Austin Water Solutions—your trusted source for high-quality water purification systems. Experience the transformative power of pure, filtered water in your home and enjoy the benefits of cleaner, healthier water while saving money in the long run by reducing wear and tear on your appliances and reducing the amount of cleaning products needed. Contact us now to schedule a free water analysis and consultation, and take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

    Calcium Buildup on Your Coffee Pot? That's a sign you might be drinking more than just coffee every morning. Contact us for your free water analysis today!

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    An example of one of PENTAIR's Pro Elite water conditioners.

    Pro Elite™ PENTAIR Look at some of the reasons you'll love your new PENTAIR Pro Elite™ whole-home water filtration system.

    • Very affordable, costing pennies per day to operate & maintain
    • Effective water purification for clean tap water throughout your home
    • Remove each harmful contaminant in your water supply
    • Cut spending on detergents and other cleaning supplies – research shows that the average household may save up to 50%
    • Remove the need for bottled water & improve the taste of tap water
    • Showering gives you a fresh, clean feel
    • Machine washables will rinse cleaner, feel softer, and retain color longer
    • No more soap film or hardness residue with clean water
    • Reduce energy costs and extend the life of the water heater and other appliances

    Improvement You Can Feel for Yourself

    When it comes to improving your lifestyle, saving money on cleaning products & bottled water, and feeling better in your own home, the choice shouldn’t be hard at all.

    We're Here for All Your Water Purification Needs From home buyers to builders, agents, and more

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    New Home Buyers Get more from your new home

    Now let’s make sure it stays new! Texas is known for hard water, and we want to make sure you protect your brand new home, piping, appliances, and your health from Day One! All you need is the proper water filter to enjoy better drinking water. Plus, water purification can help your plumbing and appliances last longer!

    Call (512) 351-9614 to schedule your FREE water analysis and consultation or click the button below to complete our Water Quality Survey and one of our knowledgeable water technicians will be in touch with you shortly to discuss ways to achieve softer water throughout your home.

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    Builders Program Quality homes deserve quality water

    You take the time to design every aspect of the home. Don’t let your amazing homes get ruined by the Hard Water in Texas! We love working with builders, just like you, to create a solution on protecting the home and separating you from the rest when offering the benefits of water conditioners to your customers!

    Say “good-bye” to complaints of new owners who don’t like the smell coming through the pipes or the quality of water flowing from the faucet, and “hello” to a great solution for both you and the homeowner!

    We have many builder packages and we would love to show you how you can have a lasting impact on your next client!

    A real estate agent shows off a "SOLD" sign after selling a new home.
    Real Estate Agents Program Don't just sell homes, sell the lifestyle

    Your job as a realtor is to show your home buyers their perfect new home!  From the ideal design of a home to their lifestyle, all needs to fit within the homes you show them in Austin & the surrounding area!

    But one thing that can separate you from the rest is showing them the importance of great water quality in a state that is known for hard water.  Contact us today to learn more about our realtor programs!

    Not only can you help your clients remove impurities and harmful bacteria from their water and improve overall taste, but you can help them extend the life of their appliances!

    Get your free water quality analysis We'll provide you with a detailed report

    Contact us today and we will come out for FREE to test your water in your home or business in Austin or the surrounding area, and we’ll answer any questions you may have. Based off the results, we will also recommend which of our water conditioners is perfect for you—a water system that’s the ideal size for your home, no matter how many people live in your household. We look forward to meeting you!

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      The Problem Don't let hard water destroy your beautiful home.

      Without the use of any water conditioners, hard water leaves a trail of destruction everywhere it flows. From the kitchen to the bathroom and even in your family’s drinking water, mineral deposits, contaminants, and bacteria can cause irreversible damage. While many homeowners already have water softening systems in place, they may have no idea where to turn when these systems fail. In addition to installation, Austin Water Solutions offers expert water softener repair for the PENTAIR Pro Elite™, the world’s most advanced whole-home water filtration system.

      An example of unsightly mineral build-up in a sink without the use of water conditioners.
      A seal illustrating that Austin Water Solutions is a PENTAIR True Blue Austin water softener dealer

      The Solution PENTAIR® True Blue Dealer in AUSTIN, TX

      Austin Water Solutions can add a barrier between you and the chemicals, contaminants, pollutants, and other unwanted debris floating around in the water supply at your residence. The Pro Elite Professional Series Whole Home Water Filter & Water Treatment System by PENTAIR is the answer to all of your hard water issues, and it costs just pennies a day to operate and maintain. Say “goodbye” to dry skin, rough clothes, and high energy bills and “hello” to fresh, clean water every time you turn on your faucet. Repairs are also available for water conditioners of most makes and models.

      Features How the Pro Elite™ outshines other water conditioners

      The PENTAIR Pro Elite is an efficient workhorse that operates around-the-clock and filters even the toughest minerals and impurities from your water. Featuring smart technology, the Pro Elite boasts a fully digital control that automatically adjusts based on a home’s current usage. Memory backups and corrosion-resistant materials mean the Pro Elite never forgets and never fails to deliver. The Pro Elite regenerates only when necessary and alerts itself of even the slightest change in the quality of your water. Learn more about what sets this system apart from other water conditioners.

      A homeowner shows off a glass of pure, clean water after using an Austin water softener.
      Softer laundry illustrates one of the benefits of using an Austin water softener.

      The Benefits Why invest in a water softener in Austin, TX?

      Austin Water Solutions is dedicated to helping you enjoy a lifestyle you didn’t even know was an option. The Pro Elite can cut cleaning supply costs by 50% and reduce energy bills by allowing appliances to work at peak performance. Cleaner rinsing clothes means delicate fabrics stay softer and retain color longer. Switching from hard water to softer water filtered by one of PENTAIR’s Pro Elite water conditioners is a change you can feel. We can also take care of the repair and installation needs for your water softener in Austin.


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