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How can technology help you combat the damaging effects of hard water in your home? How do water softeners and similar appliances work? Learn all about the technological solutions that exist to improve water quality as well as the fascinating science that goes into these solutions in the articles below.

Salt VS Salt-Free Water Softeners

With new information about hard water dangers being released many people are considering water softeners. When it comes to water softeners there are two main types, salt and salt-free. Although the names may make the difference seem obvious this is simply not true as there are actually key differences between the two. Salt Based Water […]

Comparing the PENTAIR Pro Elite™ to the competition.

Running softened water throughout the home is a life-changing experience with immediate benefits.

Texas is a leading state in the US for water hardness.

Hard, unconditioned water costs Texas residents untold sums each year in higher energy bills, cleaning supplies, and appliance replacement.

Pro Elite™ PENTAIR Patented Leading Technology for Advanced Water Filtration

According to the experts at Austin Water Solutions, the exclusive PENTAIR Analyzer on the Pro Elite performs 24 hours a day – even during power outages

All About Water Quality

Water quality has a much larger effect on a home than most people realize. What makes hard water “hard,” and how do its properties differ from those of soft water? Learn all about the things that can influence a home’s water quality and the effects this quality has on day-to-day life in the articles below.

Hard Water And Your Home

Most homeowners have heard of hard and soft water, but not everyone knows about the many effects hard water can have on your home. Hard water in your home happens when there is too much magnesium and calcium built up in your plumbing system. Having these minerals in your system is natural and there will […]

The Benefits of a Home Water Softener

Moving into a new home or apartment is a lot of work. Most times, there is little time to give a thought to the quality of the water. However, once everything is settled and attention to small things begins, a homeowner may notice harsh stains on the sink or notice the water pressure is getting […]

Hard Water VS Soft Water
Insight from Your Austin TX Water Softener Experts

If you’ve recently found out that you have hard water, you’re may be wondering what that actually means for you and your household. Saying an area has hard water is a simple way of stating that there are minerals in the water. Soft water does not contain these minerals or, as is more often the […]

Common Contaminants Found in Freshwater Supplies
From your Water Softener Company in Austin, TX

A clean water supply is essential to the human population. Water takes up over seventy percent of the world’s surface. Humans are made up of mostly water and need water to live and perform at their best every single day. So, as humans, why don’t we care more about purifying our water that we drink […]

Austin Water Solutions Reports Hard Water in South Texas a Problem for Homeowners

Hard water, as defined by the experts at Austin Water Solutions, is water that contains calcium and magnesium deposits. Hardness is categorized by the amount of these minerals dissolved found in the water, according to water hardness testing kits: 0 – 2 softer water 3 – 6 hard water 7 – 10 serious hard water […]

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