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    All About Water Quality

    Water quality has a much larger effect on a home than most people realize. What makes hard water “hard,” and how do its properties differ from those of soft water? Learn all about the things that can influence a home’s water quality and the effects this quality has on day-to-day life in the articles below.

    Joint Health and Water Consumption Everything You Should Know

    Joint health is a topic that affects individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are a young athlete, an office worker sitting at a desk for hours, or an aging individual experiencing the natural wear and tear on your joints, understanding how water consumption plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy joints is essential. […]

    How Water Can Be the Best Way to Boost Your Energy

    Finding ways to boost our energy and stay alert throughout the day is essential. While there are plenty of options available in the form of energy drinks, caffeine pills, and even sugary snacks, it is often overlooked that water can be the best way to naturally enhance our vitality. Yes, you read that right – […]

    Air Filtration: Elevating Indoor Air Quality in Austin

    Austin is a city known for its dynamic blend of live music, cultural diversity, and natural beauty. However, this thriving ecosystem also brings along a unique challenge – allergens that can turn daily life into a constant struggle for many Austinites. These allergens, ranging from pollen and mold spores to dust mites and pet dander, […]

    Ways Purified Water Elevates Your Cooking

    In the culinary world, where precision and quality are paramount, every ingredient that goes into a dish holds its significance. One often overlooked factor with the potential to greatly impact cooking is the source of water used. While it may seem inconsequential, opting for purified water can elevate your cooking endeavors in multifaceted ways. We […]

    Eco-Friendly Solutions for Water Treatment 

    Water treatment is an essential process that plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and availability of clean water for all living beings. However, with increasing concerns about environmental sustainability, traditional water treatment methods have come under scrutiny due to their potential negative impact on ecosystems.   Fortunately, there is a growing focus on […]

    Common Water Contaminants Found in Central Texas

    Water contamination is a pervasive issue that affects countless cities across the globe, Austin being no exception. As one of the most rapidly growing urban areas in the United States, this vibrant Texan city faces its fair share of water quality concerns. From industrial pollutants to natural contaminants, understanding the common water contaminants found in […]

    All About Indoor Air Quality

    The air quality in your home has a huge impact on the health of everyone who lives there. And if you own a business, the same is true for every customer and employee in your facility. How can you improve indoor air quality to promote better health, wellness, and productivity? We offer some insights!

    Why Indoor Air Quality is Important

    In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, where people spend a significant amount of time indoors, the quality of indoor air has never been more crucial. From offices to homes, schools to shopping centers, ensuring a high standard of indoor air quality has become paramount for creating a healthy and comfortable environment. Below, we’ll look at […]

    How to Keep Your Air Purification System in Tip-Top Shape

    Maintaining your air purification system is crucial for ensuring that it operates efficiently and effectively, but are you doing everything you can to keep it in tip-top shape? From changing air filters to inspecting ductwork, there are a number of simple yet important steps you can take to prolong the lifespan of your heating and […]

    Common Indoor Air Pollutants and Where They Come From

    The air we breathe while indoors can often have more pollutants than the air outside. Common household items can pollute the air, and specific pollutants are more likely to impact us than others. Once they have been identified, we can get rid of these pollutants through different means such as cleaning and replacing them with […]

    Why You Need a Disinfecting Air Filtration System for Your Home

    Dust, pollen, and other allergens can cause a range of problems for your home. From disrupting your sleep to making you sick, allergens are the leading cause of asthma and other respiratory problems. To prevent these problems, you need an air filter to handle all of the dirt, pollen, and other contaminants your home contains. […]

    Where Does the Dust in Your Home Come From?

    It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that dust within a home can have adverse effects on everyone inside. Research has shown that somewhere between 20% to 50% of that dust can actually be composed of dead skin cells, and that makes these basic structural units of life one of the majorities in many […]

    Why Fresh Air is Important in Your Home

    We have all grown used to being inside. Nothing beats cuddling up in your cozy home during the winter. While we may believe our houses are clean and safe, good indoor air quality is also critical. Allowing for fresh air in the house should be a year-round component of our wellness regimen. Having a sufficient […]

    Technology Solutions

    How can technology help you combat the damaging effects of hard water in your home? How do water softeners and similar appliances work? Learn all about the technological solutions that exist to improve water quality as well as the fascinating science that goes into these solutions in the articles below.

    Point-of-Use vs Point-of-Entry Water Purification Systems

    Homeowners and tenants alike want safe and clean water in their homes. There are two types of home water filtration systems, Point-of-Use water devices and Point-of-Entry systems. To pick the best type of system to use, you need to consider your situation. Take into account whether or not you’re the owner or tenant, the size […]

    What Happens If a Water Softening System Loses Power?

    Every appliance in your home runs off of electricity, and your whole-home water softening system is no exception. However, sometimes your home goes through a storm or a random power outage where all the electricity is turned off. We all need to have water to drink, and without it, catastrophes can occur. Therefore, it’s reasonable […]

    When and How to Winterize Your Water Softening System

    Winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year as everything is turned into a blanket of white. However, it is also the coldest season, and lack of preparedness can cause quite the frustration. One of the best ways to prepare for winter is to winterize the water sources to reduce water shortages […]

    Signs Your Water Softener Needs Replacing

    Water softeners have a shelf life just the same as all other products. Water softeners help the consumer to maintain quality of water used for bathing, cooking, and potable uses like drinking. If your water softener stops performing these functions as effectively as it used to, it may be time for you to consider replacing […]

    Is a Water Softener Safe for Septic Systems?

    Many people wonder whether the water softening process can have an impact on their septic system. If you use a system like this in your home, you might be wondering if a water softener’s brine will cause damage to the natural bacteria of your septic system. You might perhaps be worried regarding the additional liquid […]

    Maintenance Tips to Prolong Your System’s Life

    Hard water can lead to issues in both your plumbing and water heater. It’s for this very reason that many homeowners find it valuable to have a whole-home water softening system installed. Maintaining a water softener is simple, but it is necessary to have them inspected by a professional regularly. However, in between those check-ups, […]

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