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How can technology help you combat the damaging effects of hard water in your home? How do water softeners and similar appliances work? Learn all about the technological solutions that exist to improve water quality as well as the fascinating science that goes into these solutions in the articles below.

Water Softeners vs Water Filters: What’s the Difference?

Getting annoyed with dry skin, hard water, smelly water or anything that can be seen or smelled is understandable. But what about the things in your water that can’t be seen or smelled? Those are the true dangers that need to be addressed. If you’re concerned with the contaminants that might be in your home’s […]

Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

If you own a home, you might have heard the term “reverse osmosis water system,” or “RO system” tossed around. The term itself can feel a little intimidating if you are not familiar with it, but the basic functions and how this system operates are fairly simple, though based on some scientific principles and terminology. […]

Your Guide to Austin Water Softeners

A water softener is a treatment system that converts hard water into soft water. It is responsible for removing the minerals and other dissolved particles that make water “hard.” Needing a water softener in Austin is common since hard water can be a serious problem in this area of Texas, for homeowners and business owners […]

The Ion Exchange Process in Water Treatment
From your Water Treatment Company in Austin TX

The Ion Exchange process can be used in a variety of ways when it comes to water purification and softening. Although different water treatment products utilize this process in different ways, the action itself remains the same: unwanted ions that are dissolved in the water are replaced with new beneficial or harmless ions of an […]

What is Reverse Osmosis in Austin Water Treatment?

When water is purified and ions, molecules, and any large waste particles are removed from it through a partially permeable membrane this is known as reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is used in the production of potable water and in different industrial processes as well. Reverse osmosis has the capability of removing biological species, suspended chemical […]

Salt VS Salt-Free Water Softeners
A Comparison from Your Austin Water Softener Experts

With new information about hard water dangers being released many people are considering water softeners. When it comes to water softeners there are two main types, salt and salt-free. Although the names may make the difference seem obvious this is simply not true as there are actually key differences between the two. Salt Based Water […]

All About Water Quality

Water quality has a much larger effect on a home than most people realize. What makes hard water “hard,” and how do its properties differ from those of soft water? Learn all about the things that can influence a home’s water quality and the effects this quality has on day-to-day life in the articles below.

Is Soft Water Safe for Dogs?

What is Soft Water? Soft water, or water that has been filtered to remove harsh minerals, has become more desirable as cities put more additives in their water systems. Soft water is becoming more popular with consumers because it is not as harsh on your skin, clothes, and hair. It also tends to be easier […]

Thinking About Getting A Water Softener?

If you live in an area with hard water, like Central Texas, it can be beneficial to your health and to your wallet to get a water softener for your home. “Softening” water is the process of removing minerals and dissolved particles from water. These minerals and particles are what make the water hard. In […]

Removing Hard Water Stains from Different Surfaces
Austin TX Water Treatment Solutions

Using hard water can pose serious challenges to keeping your surfaces clean. Hard water contains high concentrations of minerals. Unlike soft water, hard water often leaves stains that can be frustrating, as they are hard to remove. You cannot use the same method to remove the stains from different surfaces. Each surface requires different tools. […]

pH and What it Means for your Water
From your Water Softener Company in Austin TX

Since everyone on the face of the planet needs to drink water to survive, it is good to know the properties of the water you drink. Most water sources inside America fall under the EPA and their guidelines for proper and safe drinking water. Inside these guidelines, you will find a suggested pH level of […]

Why Hard Water is a Problem in Texas
Tips from Your Austin Water Softener & Treatment Experts

Have you ever wondered why your dishes seem dirty even though you washed them? How about why your bathroom is still dirty even though you spent hours cleaning it? Have you ever washed your clothes only to have them look dingy and smell bad? Well, you are not alone, 85% of the households share the […]

4 Benefits of a Water Softener You Might Not Know
From Your Experts in Austin TX

Maybe you became intrigued by the idea of installing a water softener in your home because you have heard that soft water is great for shiny, more lustrous hair. That is true, but it can also have a beneficial effect on your home in general. Keep reading to learn a few lesser-known reasons why having […]

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