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    This is normal. The brine tank uses water to break down the salt pellets to create a “Brine” solution (hence why they’re called brine tanks). This brine is then able to go through the system for regeneration. The water should be no more than halfway up the bin.
    You might notice a layer of dirt or grime that builds up around the insides of the tank. It can look gray, or foamy and this is probably making you cringe, but the good thing is that it’s completely normal.

    First of all, it’s important to understand where the dirt in your brine tank comes from. Water softener salt, though over 99 percent pure, does have some impurities because it is harvested naturally. Also, dirt or grime can be present in the water itself before it is filtered.

    Know that having some dirt in your brine tank is perfectly fine, and that water softeners are designed to filter out the dirt before it goes into your water supply.

    • For 2 people, 2 bags every 2 months.
    • For 4 people, 3 bags every 2 months.
    • For 6 people, 6 bags every 2 months.

    • Has your water gone back to leaving water spots on dishes and in the bathrooms?
    • Has your laundry gone back to being a little stiffer?
    • Have you been noticing dry skin after showering again?
    • Have faucets started to have mineral deposits again?

    This is a regular cycle that the system goes through known as “regeneration”. During this time you can still use water as normal in your house. The system is just going through a series of backwashing to set up for another round of hard water.
    Any brand of salt crystal or salt pellets for water softener will work with your softener.
    No—you should put 2 bags of salt in your system as soon as possible. Regular salt replenishments are required. Please see above FAQ for recommended salt usage.
    Yes, a reverse osmosis drinking water system can make some noises due to the water going through it or internal changes in pressure.
    Please call to schedule a service visit. It could either be the tank or the filters
    This is generally caused by trapped air within the RO system. However, it will not affect the quality of your water. The cloudiness should disappear within a minute after water sits in a glass. This is a normal occurrence with a newly installed RO System or after a filter change.
    The RO contains manufacturer specific cartridges depending on the model we installed in your home. Changing your own filters will void your warranty so it is ill advised. Please call the office to schedule a filter change.
    The RO storage tank can hold up to 3 gallons at a time. If you have depleted it entirely, it will take about 1.5 hrs to fill back up.
    Place your system on bypass and call our office at (512) 351–9614, if it is outside of normal business hours—you can call our emergency line at (512) 560–4222.
    Place your system on bypass and call our office at (512) 351–9614, if it is outside of normal business hours – you can call our emergency line at (512) 560–4222.
    There are a couple of knobs you will see on the back of your system. Your carbon tank will also have these knobs. Notice how they are pointing towards the softener tanks (as shown in the photo below). This indicates that the water is flowing through the system.

    Water softener with dials pointing towards the tanks

    To put the system on bypass, you turn those knobs 90 degrees clockwise, as shown in the photo below. If the knobs feel tight, make sure you are turning them clockwise. If it is your first time putting the system on bypass it is normal for it to be tough.

    Water softener with dials pointing towards each other (90 degrees away from the tanks)

    If your house came with a loop already installed then we attached a separate hose spigot along the piping next to your water system.

    Hose spigot attached to a water softener

    However if we had to do the plumbing for your system then instead, you can use any hose spigot on the sides of the house.