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    For New Home Buyers Get more from your new home

    Now let’s make certain it remains new! Texas is infamous for hard water, so we wish to ensure you protect your new house and your health from Day One! All you need is the appropriate water filter to experience much better water. Plus, water purification can help your appliances and pipes last much longer!

    Call (512) 351-9614 to request your FREE water analysis and consultation, or click the button below to take our Water Quality Survey and a member of our team will reach out to you quickly to go over options to experience softer water in your house.

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    Our Builders Program Quality homes deserve quality water

    You take the time to develop every aspect of the home. Don’t allow your amazing homes get ruined by the Hard Water in Texas! We enjoy collaborating with contractors, such as yourself, to implement a solution for protecting the house and separating you from the rest by providing the benefits of water conditioners to your customers!

    Eliminate grievances from buyers that don’t enjoy the scent coming through the pipes or the quality of water coming from the faucet, and say “hello” to a terrific solution for both you and the home buyer!

    We offer numerous contractor plans and we would enjoy showing you exactly how you can have a lasting positive impact on your future customer!

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    Real Estate Agents Program Don't just sell homes, sell the lifestyle

    Your task as a real estate agent is to find your home buyers their perfect brand-new home! There’s a lot to consider while helping them, from the best location in Lakeway to the right layout to exceed their needs and wants.

    One factor that can separate you from other real estate is showing them the benefit of great water quality in a state which is recognized for hard water. Contact us today to get information about our realtor programs!

    In addition to helping your buyers get rid of contaminants and harmful germs from their drinking water and enhance overall taste, you can also help them prolong the lifespan of their home appliances!

    An example of one of PENTAIR's Pro Elite water conditioners.

    Pro Elite™ PENTAIR Look at some reasons you'll love your new PENTAIR Pro Elite™ whole-home water filtration system.

    • Remarkably budget-friendly, amounting to pennies each day to run & maintain
    • Effective water filtration for clean tap water throughout your house
    • Get rid of undesirable pollutants in your water
    • Reduce spending on soaps and other cleaning products—studies show that the average household may save as much as 50%
    • Get rid of the need for bottled water and enhance the taste of your tap water
    • Showering gives you a fresh, clean feel
    • Fabrics and clothes will wash cleaner, feel softer, and maintain color longer
    • No more hardness residue and soap film with soft, clean water
    • Reduce energy costs and extend the lifespan of your water heater and other home appliances

    Improvement You Can Experience for Yourself

    When it comes down to upgrading your way of life, saving money on bottled water and cleaning materials, and feeling better in your very own house, the choice should not be difficult at all.

    Get your free water quality analysis We'll provide you with a detailed report

    Get in touch with us today and one of our professionals will visit free of charge to assess the water in your house or business in Lakeway, and we’ll answer any questions you might have. Based off the analysis results, we can also recommend which of our water conditioners is best for you—a water system that’s the optimal size for your house, regardless of how many people live in your home. We look forward to talking with you!

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      The Problem Don't let hard water ruin your beautiful home.

      Without utilizing any type of water softener, hard water creates a path of damage almost everywhere it flows. From the bathroom to the kitchen and even in your homes’s drinking water, mineral deposits, impurities, and microorganisms might create permanent damage. While many homeowners currently have water conditioning equipment in place, they may not know who to reach out to when these systems break down. In addition to installation services, Austin Water Solutions provides skilled water softener repair work for the PENTAIR Pro Elite™, the world’s most sophisticated whole-home water filtration system.

      An example of unsightly mineral build-up in a sink without the use of water conditioners.
      A seal illustrating that Austin Water Solutions is a PENTAIR True Blue Austin water softener dealer

      The Solution PENTAIR® True Blue Dealer in Lakeway, TX

      Austin Water Solutions will provide a shield in between you and the pollutants, contaminants, chemicals, and other unwelcome debris drifting around in the water at your home. The Pro Elite Professional Series Whole Home Water Filter & Water Treatment System by PENTAIR is the answer to every one of your hard water issues, and it only costs just pennies a day to operate and maintain. Say “goodbye” to dried out skin, faded clothing, and high energy costs, and say “hello” to fresh, clean water whenever you turn on your faucet. Repairs are also available for many brands and models of water conditioners.

      Features How the Pro Elite™ outperforms other water conditioners

      The PENTAIR Pro Elite is a reliable workhorse that operates nonstop and filters pollutants and the toughest minerals from your drinking water. With its advanced technology, the Pro Elite includes a completely digital control that automatically changes based upon a residence’s present use. Corrosion-resistant materials and memory back-ups mean the Pro Elite always remembers and never fails to deliver. The Pro Elite regenerates only when needed and notifies itself of even the slightest differences in your water’s quality. Discover more about what sets this system apart from other water conditioners.

      A homeowner shows off a glass of pure, clean water after using an Austin water softener.
      Softer laundry illustrates one of the benefits of using an Austin water softener.

      The Benefits Why invest in a water softener in Lakeway, TX?

      Austin Water Solutions is dedicated to helping you delight in a lifestyle you didn’t even know was an option. The Pro Elite may decrease cleaning supply expenses by up to 50% and cut down electricity bills by helping appliances work at peak performance. Cleaner rinsing clothing helps delicate materials remain softer and maintain colors longer. Upgrading from hard water to softer water treated by one of PENTAIR’s Pro Elite water conditioners is a change you can really feel. We can even take care of the repair work and installation needs for your water softener in Lakeway.


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