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    Christie P on Facebook
    Lauryn and Matt came out today and did a great job showing us how gross our tap water is. Literally disgusting! Did not feel pressured at all to purchase the system. Can’t wait to have it installed tomorrow! Not to mention FREE products for 10

    Christie P
    Chance F on Yelp
    Amazing and informative! We recently had a house built in Hutto. Almost immediately after moving in we had people knocking on our door trying to sell us water softeners. A couple of them were shady with their techniques and really annoyed us. We were quick

    Chance F
    Katrina P on Facebook
    I worked with Dakota and his team at Austin Water Solutions with the purchase of my new water softener and filtration system. I have to admit that I don’t typically buy from door to door salesmen but this one was referred to me by my

    Katrina P
    Jeremiah Y on Yelp
    My wife and I just bought a new home in Kyle, TX and it was immediately evident that the water was very contaminated. Water spots all over the place! The smell of salt and surfer! The hard crunchy close fresh from the washer! We knew

    Jeremiah Y
    Ross M on Yelp
    Austin Water Solutions is great! Yes, their sales pitch is cookie cutter like another review stated, but Matt made it enjoyable and played along with my jokes and we actually had a lot in common! As somebody with sensitive skin, I’ve found the best “cures”

    Ross M
    LaKeisha H on Yelp
    We were skeptical at first letting people in our new home but after seeing the quality of our water we didn’t even want to take a bath that night! Being new to Texas we had no idea the jokes about Texas water weren’t just jokes.

    LaKeisha H
    Bob L on Facebook
    We move into our new home 4 weeks ago! Shortly after moving in we had a water test done by Austin Water Solutions! We were immediately sold on having Cleaner, Healthier water and are So Happy we purchased the system! The installation was Quick, Easy

    Bob L
    Robert L on Yelp
    We have had our new water system from Austin Water Solutions  about 3weeks now and We Love it! Matt and Lauryn stop by one night to do a demonstration.  I have to admit I was a little  skeptical and even a little defensive… I thought

    Robert L
    Sam J on Facebook
    I drink water like nobody’s business so I was immediately drawn to the GE Pro Elite. However, I never really thought about the water I was using on an everyday basis in my home and how important it is to keep it just as clean.

    Sam J
    Myranda B on Facebook
    You think you may have good water with a standard softener but you have no idea how good it can get with Green Water Technologies. Matt and Lauryn were our representatives, they were extremely knowledgable and down to earth. I was hesitant at first but

    Myranda B
    Tracy M on Yelp
    This company is great! Andrew. Anthony, and Gabby were all great. Very helpful with questions and very professional. The installers did a great job and were also friendly, and helpful. They left no mess behind which was great. I’m very excited to get my free

    Tracy M

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      The Problem Don't let hard water destroy your beautiful home.

      Hard, unconditioned water leaves a trail of destruction everywhere it flows. From the kitchen to the bathroom and even in the water your family drinks, mineral deposits and contaminants cause irreversible damage. While many homeowners already have water softening systems in place, they may have no idea where to turn when these systems fail. Austin Water Solutions offers expert water softener repair on top of the installation of the PENTAIR Pro Elite™, the world’s most advanced whole-home water filtration system.

      An example of unsightly mineral build-up in a sink without the use of water conditioners.
      A seal illustrating that Austin Water Solutions is a PENTAIR True Blue Austin water softener dealer

      The Solution PENTAIR® True Blue Dealer in AUSTIN, TX

      Austin Water Solutions can add a barrier between you and the chemicals, pollutants, and other unwanted debris floating around in the water supply in your residence. The Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System by PENTAIR is the answer to all of your hard water issues, and it costs just pennies a day to operate and maintain. Say “goodbye” to dry skin, rough clothes, and high energy bills and “hello” to fresh, clean water. Water softener repair is also available for most makes and models.

      Features Don't let hard water destroy your beautiful home.

      The PENTAIR Pro Elite is an efficient workhorse that operates around-the-clock to remove even the toughest minerals from your water. Featuring smart technology, the Pro Elite boasts a fully digital control that automatically adjusts based on a home’s current water usage. Memory backups and corrosion-resistant materials mean the Pro Elite never forgets and never fails to deliver. The Pro Elite regenerates only when necessary and alerts itself of even the slightest change in the quality of your water.

      A homeowner shows off a glass of pure, clean water after using an Austin water softener.
      Softer laundry illustrates one of the benefits of using an Austin water softener.

      The Benefits PENTAIR® True Blue Dealer in AUSTIN, TX

      Austin Water Solutions is dedicated to helping you enjoy a lifestyle you didn’t even know was an option. The Pro Elite can cut cleaning supply costs by 50% and reduce energy bills by allowing appliances to work at peak performance. Cleaner rinsing clothes means delicate fabrics stay softer and retain color longer. Switching from hard water to water filtered by the Pro Elite is a change you can feel. Austin Water Solutions can also take care of your water softener repair and installation needs.